Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ever Played a Chatroulette Game?

The first time I heard of Chatroulette was in a South Park episode You Have 0 Friends. I wouldn't have believed such a video chat is actually real until I read this article. Video chat is already common these days, even back when it started on Yahoo! messenger then on Skype. But what makes Chatroulette different is that in a matter of seconds you can be hooked up to chat, no registration needed. The people you meet here are fellow "players" randomly selected from around the world. That's where the problem comes to the picture: nudity.

South Park – Chatroulette

While pornography is easily found everywhere, some people has the innocent intention to just meet and make friends with new people. I know that because I am one of them. Sadly, in one of ten people you meet in Chatroulette are committing inappropriate activity. One feature I suggest for Chatroulette is a check mark indicating we don't want adult activity, therefore hook us to the same people. But no, I suppose just as Cartman said "This is the way the world works. If you want to find some quality friends, you have to wave through all the dicks first."

Well if most guys in Chatroulette like porn, why don't we try fooling them around just like this video?

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus – Chatroulette Version

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