Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Exploding Whale in a Lisa Episode

Every time the Simpsons show releases a new episode focusing on Lisa, chances are it's an episode about the environment and "green living." The latest Lisa episode, The Squirt and the Whale, is initially about wind power and continues on a beached whale after a severe storm blows through town.

While I enjoyed the episode, I can't help but wonder why the writers went on with something so unlike of a Lisa episode:

When the whale became stranded on shore, it was initially alive. But due to dehydration, the whale's body collapsing under its own weight, and unsuccessful--yet hilarious--attempts by the townspeople to pull the whale back to sea, the whale died. It was after that when a crew headed by Chief Wiggum placed TNT bombs around the carcass, assuming the explosion would blow the carcass to small pieces.

Hardly anyone outside the United States will get the reference by such part shown in the clip. It is actually a parody of a beached whale blown off to huge blubber chunks in Oregon. 

I am not a hardcore environmentalist or anything, but exploding an animal in this episode seemed harsh. It made the messages about the environment in this episode less important, even meaningless.

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