Monday, May 10, 2010

Farmville, Café World Leaving Facebook

Zynga, the creator of popular apps such as Mafia Wars, CafeWorld and Farmville, is threatening to leave Facebook once and for all. The relationship between the two companies is at an all time low caused by Facebook's extreme measures to control applications. Such measures include limitations on messaging users and imposing a credits system as the only payment form for apps to use. The credit system brings a heavy burden to companies like Zynga since it requires a massive 30% fee of all transactions.

FarmVille. Where have all the cows gone?
So how will this affect users? For starters, you won't be able to play the games anymore within Facebook. As a solution, Zynga already launched and is planning to launch its own social gaming network called Zynga Live.

One big disadvantage when Zynga leaves Facebook is the easy way for users to connect with friends within the apps. After all, for these social games to be enjoyed, they require the friends of users to play with them. This will be hard if Zynga does not have access to the user's friend list. Similarly, notifying their friends about the user's progress in the game will be pretty hard as well. Through email? Maybe. But who lately checks their inbox that often?

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