Monday, May 3, 2010

Increase Blog Site Traffic

Increasing traffic is one of the top priority for a freshly made blog. A simple Google search provides tons of articles, many of which made by bloggers themselves. One particular list I'd like to share is compiled by Seth Godin.

In his list, some of the numbers contradict other entries and some others are similar. But even so many of them are useful. Hence I did the liberty of revising the list and providing additional explanations.
  • Use lists (like this one.) They are readable and easy to make.
  • Write topical posts but at the same time be timeless.
    • Be the first to post about a hot topic that will last for a while.
    • Create buzz around those topics.
    • Don't hesitate to write controversy.
    • Post often. 
  • Write concise yet adequate-in-content posts.
    • A cluttered post is confusing and can dissuade readers from reading further.
    • A post scant on content leaves users hanging and disappointed.
    • Find the perfect post length to balance contentment and eagerness to come back for more.
    • Use the tagging system to help obtain similar posts from everything else.
  • Be specific yet diversify your blog.
    • Covering a very specific only caters to very few people.
    • Posts of varying topics targets a bigger crowd. However, you won't be able to talk more about one topic without sacrificing your time to write on another one.
  • Interact. Comment on other blogs.
    • Encourage them to comment on yours. 
    • Opine more to help start arguments.
    • Use facts only as references. 
    • Link back posts you like. Avoid plagiarism.
  • Decorate your blog.
    • Use images and videos. Pure text is an eyesore.
    • Learn how to add and utilize sidebar gadgets.
  • Make use of social networking and search engines.
    • Increase blog awareness by promoting in social networks.
    • Submit your URL to popular search engines.
  • Encourage reader loyalty.
    • Keep them interested in your posts.
    • Add gadgets that whiles away their time.
    • Give them a chance to be heard (through comments.)
    • Answer every inquiries they have.
  • Avoid annoying ads.
    • Intrusion deceases satisfaction. 
    • Ads aren't the heart of your blog. Keep them subtle and blended.
You can also try this tip which the author says has been a constant source of his blog traffic.

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    1. Hi,
      I write Blogger tutorials. Totally agree with you, writing concisely (in my case in a step by step manner) is a must.


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