Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Opinions Should Matter

I frequent a forum and post replies to topics I'm interested. There was this one time however that I was rebutted with this statement:
Who is Conan Hughes,whoever he is, as compared to Former Senate President Jovito Salonga and Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.?

He was questioning what my position is regarding the topic and why my opinion should have more weight than those two recognized persons in my country, to which I replied:

I am but a simple blogger and aspiring writer voicing his opinion over Philippine matters. As this is a forum, I suppose I am allowed to speak out whatever is in my mind. I am not a troll denouncing anything or anyone without providing some reasons. :)
My reply didn't settle the matter since my 'attacker' still found something else to argue about. And so, with as much unbiased reasoning I could muster, I further said:
I've already stated above why I believe I'm allowed to speak out, lest what's the point of having forums such as PEX? Why don't we just shut up then and have only the bigwigs heard to represent us when clearly everyone has their own unique views regarding just about everything?

Also, what's with the comparison between me and these two known people? Nowhere in the article displayed by the original poster mentions these two. It's as if you just fished out some random VIP's to compare against me. At least tell us what the relevance of these two VIP in relation to the topic at hand. 
Many people are appalled by such display of pride and arrogance by Aquino. They agree with Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales when he said that Aquino, if he really said that he would call for People Power, was “crazy” and “irresponsible”.
And what about an archbishop's statement? Does his don't carry any weight? Are we just to dis his calling Aquino "crazy" and "irresponsible" if the latter initiates a people power movement? Both of us to some degree are disagreeing with Aquino and yet I'm the only one being criticized.

And even (I suppose) by the time of this article's writing the INC still haven't endorsed any presidential candidate, their endorsement does not guarantee a sure victory. Even the articles mentions that, for instance, the endorsement of Quiboloy's religious group only raises Gibo's chances to win, not exactly the direct cause for his victory.

There's no certainty.
It must have been hubris that prompted Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to declare last week that based on survey numbers he is a sure winner in Monday’s elections and the only way he can lose is if he is cheated.

This first paragraph in the article alone shows how "mayabang" [proud] Aquino has been lately. Nothing's certain if he will really win. Only the results of the election itself will show the real outcome, not surveys. Is he even sure he'll only lose just because he'll be cheated? Is he sure the majority of voters are favoring him? Again, only the election results will tell.
You can read the entire thread, including the quoted article, here.

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