Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top 5 Annoying Orange Episodes

"Hey, hey Apple! Don't be so fruity."

I finally figured out why my friend has been greeting me with "Wazzup!" lately; He got it from Annoying Orange, a comedy web series which began in October 2009 and now has become one of the most popular internet sensations. Whether it's the whimsical puns or the infectious laugh of titular character Orange, you won't look at fruits the same again.

Here are my five favorite episodes of the series:

#5: Prank Call No. 1: Tanning Salon

At number five is the episode where Orange does an actual prank call to a day spa. Orange tries to a get a tan but his skin tone however creates a problem, much to the annoyance of the day spa employee.
Favorite Line: "I want to look a little bit more tangerine."

#4: Pain-apple

Coming in at number four is the introduction of Orange's new friend the pineapple. With his hair mistaken as knives, Pineapple was not able to prepare for the killer knife.
Favorite line: "Why the long face?"

#3: Apple

Of course we can't forget about the pilot episode, which features Apple as the first victim of the knife. He is continually referenced in other episodes.
Favorite line: "Orange you glad I didn't say Apple again?"

#2: More Annoying Orange

What could be more annoying to Orange than more annoying oranges in the scene? Annoying Orange finally met his match.
Favorite Line: "Why'd the orange go blind? 'Coz he was low on vitamin See."

#1:  Wazzup

Last but not least is the video that made me start watching this series all along. Although I've known Milhouse saying "Wazzup!" years ago, Orange and his pals makes it look funnier.

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