Monday, May 3, 2010

(Video) Noynoy Aquino: A Jejemon Politician

When confronted with questions regarding his achievements while in Congress, he becomes a fine example of a Jejemon, defined as someone who talks unintelligibly, veers away from the topic because he doesn't have anything relevant to say, and seemingly has a low IQ. If you observe carefully in the video, even the interviewer was a bit confused with what Aquino answered.

I've used this common argument in a forum to denounce Aquino as an exploiter of his parents' legacy:
Forum Member: the masses choose the most trustworthy, not the candidate with the least integrity. 

My Reply: I don't think so, pal. I mean come on, after all those dreadful years we've had with Erap, he still ranks at the top 3 in election surveys. Is he trustworthy? Hell no. does he have any integrity? Of course not, with all those jueteng crimes he did; the [main] thing he has is his popularity. That's why inquirer always label him as the actor-turned-president. [As for Noynoy, he's relying on his parents' legacy.]
Aquino was also recently placed on Time Magazine's cover page, with an accompanying article The Next Aquino: Can Noynoy Save the Philippines? My answer is no. Even the article explains why, albeit seemingly neutral and fair at first but ultimately (sadly) favoring Noynoy in its perspective.

I am not hesitant to label myself as anti-Aquino, since I believe the man is not fit for the job. 

What do you guys think?