Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Noynoy Aquino Sans Parents' Legacy

A friend delighted me with a question that probably leaves supporters of Noynoy Aquino scratching their heads: "Would you vote for Noynoy if he had far less prominent parent figures?"

One thought instantly sprang up inside my head, to indeed ask the supporters this question. So I visited a popular online Filipino forum. Being mindful of repetitive threads, I did bother using the search tool to find a similar topic. Indeed there was; in fact, it was exactly the same question.

I read through all the answers and hardly found any convincing replies. Perhaps the pro-Noynoy were overwhelmed with such question that they couldn't stand by what they believe. In other words, they haven't thought of these things through and through. 

What really grinds my gear is the fact that Noynoy obviously ran right after the his mother's death. Sure many people expressed their grief and affection for the loss of the Mother of Democracy, but for Noynoy to exploit this event, it's just plain wrong.  

Many endorsers, be they influential and well-educated, only put their blind trust on Noynoy. Beyond that, they have no other logical explanation as to why they're choosing him. If they do, I am wondering if they suffice for his candidacy.

I confess I am not that into politics since I prefer living in the digital world to meddling with my country's affairs. But if I were to use analogy, Manny Villar, bombarded with a number of accusations regarding his business, is like the Windows operating system which, being the ubiquitous software, is attacked with all sorts of computer viruses. 

Noynoy on the other hand has slipped past major controversies not because he is clean and innocent, only he used to be unknown thanks to being overshadowed by his parents. He is like the Mac, touting to be free of viruses, when in fact critics are worried about its irresponsible handling of security issues. Come the time when (though I pray it never happens) Mac usage surpasses that of Windows, I am betting Mac won't be tooting its horn about flawlessness in security. 

Same goes for Noynoy. People will remember his promises, which I expect will be broken.

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