Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Possible Plants Versus Zombies 2 Screenshot

I stumbled upon a screenshot when I was looking for updates to the sequel of the casual yet very addictive video game Plants Versus Zombies. While the results of my efforts have been fruitless (I only found out 2 things: that PvZ game designer George Fan is busy developing a game with a new concept and that the sequel is unlikely to be released this year), I noticed that the background of the screenshot shows two familiar plants and a zombie in the PvZ game.

UPDATE: Thanks to a certain Rammstein, I can confirm that the screenshot below is not a screenshot preview of PvZ 2. It is actually Peggle Nights, already released way back in 2008.

But where are the zombie lanes?

This clue lead me to guess that this is a preview of a new game, perhaps actually the sequel. However, the interface shown is totally different than PvZ's, leading me to suspect that this will not have a tower defense type of gameplay. Indeed it seems to be based on a totally new concept and a new setting, just what Fan said. If this is really the sequel, it's worth pointing out that this certainly departs from the 5 lanes we place plants on to eradicate amassing zombies. Is this a spiritual sequel?

But I might be wrong. I suppose this could be one of the secret minigames in the original Plants vs Zombies. I confess I haven't thoroughly played this game so I can't confirm this speculation. Better yet, this might also be a scrapped idea for the original game.

If someone could enlighten us, it will certainly clear things up.


  1. this is not a plants vs zombies 2 its peggle

  2. yeah its not pvz 2 you jerk

  3. I do know it's not PvZ2. Hopefully I'll post something more about the real sequel.

  4. It's not PvZ it's peggle nights

  5. lol what a leak

  6. Nope. PVZ2 will be announced in august.
    Just wait...


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