Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Miss Farmville

I've just confirmed that Farmville, along with other games by Zynga, is gone from Facebook. Its old link displays a "Page Not Found" error. Is this grave news? To the app's 26 million fans, yes. But to me, the world has not changed at all. I didn't even get past level 5 without getting bored already. Below are some reasons why I don't (and why you shouldn't as well) miss the game.

  •  The game is never-ending. Sooner or later you'll realize you've spent your a huge chunk of your time in the game and it's still going nowhere. Why not just end it now and do something much more productive?
  • Farmville is not as social without Facebook. A lot of the features in game depends on the social networking aspect of its former home. For example, having Facebook friends as your Farmville neighbors enables you to increase farm income, experience, land, etc.
  • It's addictive. A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz explains that "Farmville is popular because it entangles users in a web of social obligations." When neighbors have sent you a gift or helped you in your farm, you are then in debt and will fill the need to return the courtesy.
  • Facebook comes first, Farmville second. The split between the two essentially makes us choose where to stay most of our time. Obviously, the social network is the better choice.
  • The game has mediocre graphics, music, and gameplay. Sooner or later in the game you probably have turned off the game music and listen to your iPod instead. Meanwhile the gameplay remains the same as you progress. And frankly, the aesthetics does not stand out, even from other Flash-based games.

These are arguably valid reasons why you should say goodbye to your dear farm. Still, if you just couldn't move on from doing all those farm obligations, you can continue playing Farmville at its own website Farmville.com.

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