Friday, June 4, 2010

Despite All They Say, I Love Windows

I just love Windows!
I don't give a damn to all naysayers of Windows; I love the operating system. When there are talks about the purported lack of security within the operating system, I always question whether those who get infected with viruses are practical people or just total newbies. Before Windows 7, I was an XP user. Back at that time I was hardly infected with any malware; I was not stupid enough to click on ads that are obviously luring people into softwares that are harmful.

As to why there are lots of security issues for Windows is because when it comes to hacking there are more money opportunities on the most popular OS. If the time comes that the Mac becomes the ubiquitous OS, I'm sure Apple will have their share of security problems, something which the software company isn't good at solving.

So why use the Windows when it's the usual target of hackers? Because it's where my games and applications are. It's the OS that I grew up with and loved. It's because I am a learned computer user. Frankly, all those problems found in Windows are merely and arguably caused by inexperience.

Yes, I am a PC.

UPDATE: Don't believe in rumors. Microsoft does take good care of its customers. Give them a chance. Read this article and see for yourself. :)

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