Thursday, June 17, 2010

Globe Tattoo Software Upgrade

I just upgraded the firmware of my Globe Tattoo USB Modem. The only major difference is the new "dashboard" software which now displays a Call button in its toolbar. Well at least I can finally set aside one permanent phone SIM on my computer that's not only useful for Internet, but SMS and calls as well.

The model I upgraded was Huawei E1552 and I did all upgrade procedures on Windows 7 operating system without a problem. When done correctly, the process should not take more than 30 minutes. Despite reports that there are problems regarding reliability and stability when using the USB modem on Windows OS's other than XP, I have yet to experience any. But to be safe, if you're planning to buy a USB modem, at least look for models with "Windows Vista / 7 compatible" stickers.
No Internet speed increase

I was expecting that there might be, even if just a little, an increase in Internet speed after the upgrade. But nope, I didn't notice any improvement. The speed largely depends on your physical location and time of the day.

Open line USB modems remain open line

One reason I hesitated to upgrade is if, when upgraded, my USB modem would lock back and become limited to Globe Tattoo SIM's only. It turns out I worried for nothing since my USB modem remained open line.

Where can I download the firmware/software updates?

You can see all the available updates for your Globe Tattoo USB Modem at Globe's official tattoo software upgrade page. The updates are only available for the following Huawei models: E1552, E160, E160E, E156G, E220.

Where can I find guides for the software upgrade?

Globe provides an extensive upgrade guide with accompanying images. Though made for Windows XP, instructions are still applicable when upgrading on later Windows operating systems.

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