Thursday, June 17, 2010

ImmortalTxt20: Globe Text with No Expiry

With no recent announcements on whether the promo will be extended further, it's time to think back on our expenses on ImmortalTxt20, a Globe text promo that offers 75 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks for only Php 20.00 and without expiry.

How to register to ImmortalTxt20?

Registration is done by texting Immortal20 to 8888

Is ImmortalTxt20 worth it?

Globe may have misled you into thinking so. Quoted from their official FAQ's page:
The price of ImmortalTxt has increased from P10 to P20 because of the new and improved components of the promo - it now has 75 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks...
In any practical sense, this new promo is neither improved nor better. Globe subscribers are better off with normal load and/or Immortal Call+. Here are why:

If you send messages to other networks often, normal load is best for you. With ImmortalTxt20 having only 10 messages available for Php 20.00, that means you spend Php 2.00 for each message sent. Whereas on using normal load you only spend Php 1.00 per message.

Immortal Call+ vs ImmortalTxt20

As for Immortal Call+ versus ImmortalTxt20, the previous is more worth its value. Immortal Call+ not only gives you 5 minutes of call but also 50 text messages to Globe/TM users. The SMS cost ratio,

Php 15.00 / 50 text messages = Php 0.30 per message

may be higher than ImmortalTxt20 (Php 0.27 per message), but it's actually more worth its value thanks to the 5 minutes of call. 

In conclusion, you're better off registering to Immortal Call+ instead and set aside Php 10.00 for messages to other networks. 

No Expiry? Not really...

Don't forget there's a catch in using both Immortal promos of Globe: the maintaining balance of Php 5.00 regular load. Not only it is hefty, but it also means you need to buy regular load every now and then. The no expiry feature is not exactly something to be happy about because the maintaining balance itself does expire.

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