Thursday, October 21, 2010

Globe Limits SuperSurf to 1 Gigabyte per Day

It turns out their 'unlimited' was quite limited after all.

That's the recent case for Globe Telecom's SuperSurf, its so-called unlimited mobile internet service. Globe has recently set a limit of 1 gigabyte per day when subscribing to SuperSurf prepaid for both its 1-day and 5-days variants. When you reach this limit, the internet just stops and you'll receive an SMS:
Globe Advisory: Your account has reached 1GB in usage today. Subject to Globe Fair Use Policy, your internet service has been temporarily deactivated and will resume tomorrow. This promo is intended for moderate use. For heavy browsing, please upgrade to our Tattoo Postpaid plans. Thank you.

Heavy internet users, don't be fooled by their suggestion to upgrade to postpaid (or even to their WiMax plans); their postpaid plans also have cap limits, albeit monthly. And actually those limits are even worse. Read their Fair Use Policy yourself and get ready to be pissed.

So what does this all mean? It simply means Globe is keeping up its promise to be a high-speed (if not the highest) internet provider by only catering to casual Internet users. That's how they prevent congestion.

If you need to download large files, switch to other providers instead. For one, Sun Broadband postpaid, though rumored to be restricting the speed when downloading torrents to up to 250kbps only, does not have a monthly bandwidth limit or peak volume capacity. And hey, if I'm wrong, their contract's lock-out period is only three months.

P.S.: To piss off more Globe users, the truth must be told: the 1 gigabyte limit is for both download AND upload data.

2 Gigabyte Trick

Do you want to get the most out of your SuperSurf50 (1-day)?

Then register around midday. Consume your 1 gigabyte limit that day and wait until next day (12 am) to use the internet again until your subscription expires! Don't bother subscribing back on that next day (and you can't anyway), as the limit still holds. Register on the day after instead.

At least I'm ending this post on the bright side. :)

UPDATE: During this Christmas season, Globe – as stated in their recently changed Fair Use Policy – has decreased the limit down to just 800mb. The news just keeps getting worse.

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