Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a very fast browser, no point arguing that. Its built for speed and minimal look however has left it lacking with much needed features. That’s actually a good thing for me since I can install only the extensions that I want.

Many of my extensions allows me to do many tasks without leaving Chrome. So without any more delay, here are my top 5 Google Chrome extensions:

RSS Subscription Extension

As a blogger, I need to keep up to date with my fellow bloggers. By subscribing to their feeds I can be notified of new posts without checking their blog everyday. This applies to news and online magazines too. With RSS Subscription installed, it automatically detects websites with feeds and lets me add a subscription to my favorite reader or feed aggregator.

Google Reader Notifier

My favorite feed aggregator is no other than Google Reader. Just like with the extension above, having the Google Reader extension lets me know if I have new unread items in my account and also provides a preview by clicking on its button.

SiteAdvisor for Chrome

One thing I miss most on Firefox is the SiteAdvisor extension. After a few years, its Chrome version has finally arrived, albeit unofficial. It will check whether the page I am currently browsing is safe or potentially hazardous. When it does find a dangerous site, it prevents me from proceeding to the page and instead redirects me to the SiteAdvisor website. There I can see the full details of the exploit site in question.

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on

I happen to visit my own blog frequently to check for comments, to publish new posts, or to just admire my accomplishment :) . This used to be quite troublesome since I am using Google Analytics for visitors statistics – by default it records my own visits and therefore botches the whole statistics report. Luckily I found Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on – created by people at Google themselves. When installed, all information about my visits to any websites tracked by Analytics will not be sent and recorded.

IE Tab

Even during these days there are still websites that are not fully compatible with all browsers, including Google Chrome. With IE Tab I can see those sites in their entirety without leaving Chrome and opening a separate Internet Explorer window.


Got a Google Chrome extension to recommend? Share it at the comments below!

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