Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Absences Pact

Hate absenteeism much? Do you have a friend, colleague or classmate persistently missing classes/work without good reason?

Try the No Absences Pact!

classroom absenteeism

A pact or a mutual agreement between the signatories to never fail attending any class under any circumstances where said signatories are still physically able to be present in classes.

Whereas, today in college, more than other period of a person’s life, there is a need for a re-dedication to the ideas of perfect attendance for which education can be instilled fully.

Be it enacted by the writing of name and signature with all witnesses and signatories assembled.

Section 1

A class is any class the student has officially enrolled in for the current semester. It must not be missed if the undersigned has no legitimate reason not to attend. Such reasons include, but not limited to, the following: incapacitating sickness, death of an immediate member in the family, marriage of an immediate member in the family, official sports competition. Any other reason will be subject to voting by other signatories as to whether it is excusable or not.

Provision of a marriage certificate, death certificate, or other significant proofs, whichever is applicable, is necessary to justify the absence.

Section 2

Tardiness of more than ten minutes for a one-hour class or more than 30 minutes for a three-hour class shall be considered an absence.

Section 3

Proof of attendance shall be required every fortnight to verify a signatory’s commitment to the pact. Credibility of the proof shall be based on a signature from the teacher handling the subject/course in question.

Section 4

Failure to comply with the agreement merits a punishment of buying everyone else in the pact a treat worth at least $5.00.

Section 5

This pact shall take effect upon approval of all signatories by means of signature for the remaining days of the current semester.

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