Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness is not only a required course for college freshmen but a continuation of a lifetime process of building a healthy body for the individual person. To gain these health benefits, physical fitness contains various exercises suited for every individual’s capacity and even adjusted for any body limits and medical conditions or handicap.

Based on my experience from the previous semester, I listed down the advantages of being physically fit.

Benefits of Physical Fitness
  • Identify or measure the individual’s capacity and subsequently set exercises aimed to extend such limit.
  • Self-performed exercises are taught in order to be able to train individuals on their own without constant watch from a coach.
  • Instill self-discipline by making these exercises a regular part of an individual’s daily activities.
  • Prevent muscle fatigue and strains by learning warm ups and cool downs before strenuous exercises.
  • To not only be able to identify the physical, mental, social, psychological, and psychomotor aspects but also instill and apply them through exercises performed.
  • Gain not only social interaction but also a time of enjoyment and harmony by doing group calisthenics with matching music.
  • Be able to identify an individual’s certain weakest aspect of physical fitness and therefore focus on exercises aimed to improve such aspect.
  • Though with less priority, other exercises are performed to maintain other parts of the body.
  • Learn proper scheduling or time management for exercises and body building through a self-made fitness program.
  • Learn how to commit to a goal and gain a sense of accomplishment by fulfilling the fitness program.

On my next post, I will be showing you the results of my fitness diagnostic test. Truth be told, I did not fare well. At least I have something to look forward to doing to for the next months to come. You can also use the accompanying fitness program for your own physical fitness.

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