Monday, November 15, 2010

Poster Ad for My Printing Business

Our school term has recently begun and therefore my printing services are back in business. I needed to put up a poster advertisement to entice both new and loyal customers to avail my services, thanks to low pricing and decent quality prints.

My previous poster was pretty much okay for my taste. It also had everything there is to know about my business: contact info, service hours, available types of prints, pricing and discount options. This time however I have extended my services – basically just document printing – to include photo printing, an expensive yet hopefully high-yielding choice. So I thought there’s nothing better to introduce this service by producing an ad printed on a photo paper.

I’m not much of a designer or artist so I figured I’ll just make a collage out of stock pictures, add the necessary information and print it. After much deliberation, I finally came up with the final poster ad.

I used Picasa, Google’s photo organizer with basic editing tools, to create the collage for me. As for the text and its semi-transparent white background I used Adobe Flash CS5, although Microsoft Word would have done the job just fine.

There’s not much to look at but I’m still pretty impressed with the output. I immediately printed three copies and posted it at strategic bulletin board locations. I’m hoping this semester I can earn as much as Php10,000.00 (around $220).

Oh, and for those wondering why my business is called Godsmack IV, it’s because that’s how they know me at school.

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