Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spam: Verify your Gmail

I received one email so remarkably close to being legit that it can possibly fool people had it passed through Gmail’s spam filter. Too bad I already clicked Delete Forever long before I thought of pressing Print Screen first – the biggest regret bloggers can have. Anyway, pasted below is the hoax mail in its whole extent.

(Newbie intro to spam: it’s an electronic junk email usually unsolicited and commercial, but at times targets users for their personal information such as passwords.)

Verify your Gmail

We apologize if you receive this message in spam, We are conducting another system enhancement. To keep your account's details secure and up to date we need periodically to verify your identity. Please proceed right away by providing us with the information bellow;

<user name>
<birth date>

Refusal to verify your information will result to the account been permanently closed.

The email was sent by a certain accompanied by the name The Gmail Team. If you’ll recall the first three emails you’ll receive on Gmail are from the real Gmail Team.

Had it not for the improved grammar and content structure, I wouldn’t have bothered posting this spam. Also, the spam emails I usually receive are all about viagras, penis-lengthening drugs, and other cheap drug offers. But I was actually impressed on how the spam above actually has gone to another level, save a few grammar errors. It seems the spammers have finally gotten an English teacher. And slowly, they’re learning, lol.

Anyway, email users must always be aware of spams like these. I’ve got a few tips below on how to identify which emails are spam.

  • Got placed in Spam or Junk. Most email services automatically scan and filter whether messages are spam or not. Messages not passing through the filter are almost always spam.
  • Phony email addresses. Spammers may impersonate well known users but their email addresses uncover their real identity. For instance, the real Gmail Team uses the address
  • Spelling and grammar. An email simply loses its credibility when its content is not checked for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Too good to be true. When messages offer products with highly unbelievable deals, it probably is fake.

If you want to know more about other popular spam and hoaxes, check them out at Snopes.

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  1. thank goodness for Google spam checker or else too many people will be victimized, I don't open mails from my spam, there might be some viruses hiding on those files. :)

  2. The problem is, some authentic and important emails are mistaken as spam that inevitably people will have to check the Spam/Junk folder.

  3. I agree with you Conan that there are some that goes to SPAM even it is legit.

    OTOH, I also checking out Snopes from time to time and hoax buster as well.


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