Friday, December 24, 2010

Are You a Download Addict?

download iconTen years of living most of my life on the Internet has trapped me in the world of addiction. Download addiction, that is. Luckily, I passed through the steps and am now healed. I give before you the signs of your own addiction so that, one day, you will realize the wrong of your ways. LOL.

  • You know every nook and cranny of the Internet. From torrents to the online media hosting sites, you have a good list of sources to check for a file to download.
  • You don’t give up searching. Whereas average users have given up searching for a download source of that one elusive and exclusive file, you don’t. If your list of download sources fail you, you convince yourself that there has to be other ways.
  • You download queue is never empty. At any given time, your list of unfinished downloads never runs out. No matter how fast your Internet connection may be, it is still not enough. Tons and tons of music, videos and whatnot await to be downloaded.
  • You frequently check the download status. Every 5 minutes you open your favorite download manager to make sure your downloads are still running. Every second is precious. Not a single moment must be wasted, which brings us to the next sign.
  • You sacrifice everything else just to download. You don’t care anymore if it takes more than a minute to load a website. Nor do you mind if your MMORPG character takes 5 second to respond to your click. All the bandwidth have been sucked by downloading.
  • You are running out of disk space. Even external drives do not help. As disk capacity increases, file sizes increase too. You are faced with the problem of how to free up some space. The next sign on this list is probably one of the reasons.
  • You place sentimental value to your downloads. How can you just get rid of something if you gave some effort (in waiting) to download that file. You are aware, for instance, how crappy the quality of that downloaded movie but you just can’t delete it. You just can’t.

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  1. It is a great addiction, I would say!
    Cause I am such addict.
    This addiction is better than being a drug addict, sex addict or facebook addict.
    At least you're not harming anyone and what is wrong with searching for the good stuff, such as latest movies, songs, softwares, etc.
    You're always ahead everyone is and know the tricks of effectively using the internet for your benefit.
    You can download useful tutorials, learn the full potential of what internet can offer.
    Life is a search and humans can never suffice as long as they are alive. This is something innate and it is a good thing.
    So my advice is keep searching....


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