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To delve further into faith is to be lost for unknown places to be found. In McCabe's article about faith found in his book “God, Christ and Us“ is a study of three possible definition of faith, one of which is extensively discussed by the author. Faith can be treated as a notion to believe without skepticism, as a means to belong, and as a firmly held belief of what we hope for.

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for the radical believers. Maybe I am just exaggerating. :-) But do consider you are reading a composition made by a free thinker.

The faith treated as a belief without skepticism is what I consider attempted belief, accepting every proposal and principle without questioning their philosophy because of fear of denying the faith. This indeed is what McCabe says as “the notion of faith as a kind of test.” It is a test which the only possible solution is to believe no matter the consequences. On the other hand, the faith as a means to belong is different by the fact that it is understood that faith is a claimable property. Faith is considered as a membership pass to avoid being left out.

For the most part of the article, the author refers to faith as a solid belief to the unknown, symbolically an urge to journey into an adventure. Faith here becomes the fuel for our seeking of the uncertain, similar to man's curiosity about the existence of matter and logic of natural phenomenon. But faith is a step further from science because it is the scrutiny of what we do not know, an attempt of knowing something inexistent to human perception. Science, in comparison, progress exponentially when humans are able to explain and suggest principles which will lead them to more untouched matter. Faith, however, remains inconsistent and complex. It is in the complicated nature of faith that some may stop to delve further in its realm and be contented in their current level of belief. In the article, the author compares faith to a child's development where specific stages of life are set for the child to reach. It then depends on the child to choose whether to remain at one point of his/her life, a symbol of stagnancy and denial of seeking faith further, or to continue to grow and develop humanity. The author then points out that faith is beyond human comprehension by likening faith with Isaac, son of aged Abraham and infertile Sarah, and the resurrection of Jesus. It is in these that I can say that God is mysterious brought forth by such journey we are called to set out. Keeping our faith is hence like our constant practice to climb up and reach perfection (in work, life, etc.). It is a struggle that we may be aware we will never be able to achieve during our lifetime but yet we still try to do so.

These faith is also shown in our present society. We are divided according to how long had we stayed in our journey of faith. Those who quit the earliest happens not to comprehend almost anything in life. In politics, for example, they are the rogue protesters, marching in the streets for their voices to be heard. But what exactly is to be heard remains unclear because of their lack in fully understanding the situation of the country. They demand change when they themselves do not know what to change. There are also those who stop journeying halfway. They too have become astray and have used their acquired knowledge for their own greed. They have stopped believing in the promise of faith that they have remained in their “tents”. And then there are those few who continue to travel onwards. I realized that for my part, I'm still aboard the trip towards the horizon as I continue my education. Many times I question my existence and purpose of living. Perhaps by this faith that I am urged to seek what is not yet seen may provide me the revelation I need.

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