Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting a Nokia X3-02 Phone Soon

Last week, I received a call from a Globe customer service agent informing me that my monthly expense on prepaid load reached more than Php1000.00 – that’s around $22.87. I was hardly surprised since I spend Php220.00 for 5-day Internet access – well, at least I used to, until Globe decided to sucked the meaning of the word ‘unlimited.’ 

Anyway, the agent suggested that I should consider subscribing to a postpaid plan. For just Php999.00 a month, I can have plan with a reasonable amount of free calls and SMS messages within the Globe/TM network and to other networks, not to mention other possible freebie combination I choose. But the best thing that blew me away was the mentioning of Nokia X3-02, also known as Nokia X3 Touch and Type, that can be bundled with that plan; I badly needed a new phone.

Here’s why acquiring a new phone is must for me:

  • My old phone, Nokia 3110c, is a 2007 phone model. Three years is pretty much obsolete.
  • My old phone turns off sporadically without warning. It is especially annoying when I’m in the middle of texting and listening music.
  • With the new phone my Globe number, I can finally have a number on Sun Cellular. Everyone else is on that network – because of cheap costs – and I have been left out for too long.
  • I need a quick access to Twitter. What if I just heard the funniest punchline ever?
  • I want a smartphone on an entry level; nothing close to a full computer replacement. Blogging just isn’t the same on mobile.
  • In the most rare case that I can’t use a computer, a 3G- and WiFi-capable phone will have to do for my Internet activities.
  • I want touchscreen! LOL.

The offer to switch to postpaid was very tempting. However, a lot of obstacles are in the way: the two year contract, money,  if whether Nokia X3-02 can deliver. But most importantly, I wanted to know if the Super Surf for postpaid does not have the bandwidth limit. I don’t care if it means an additional Php1200.00 a month. I just want to be done with my Sun Broadband’s 3 month contract and their throttled Internet speed.

To be continued…

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