Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I Appealed to Ateneo… and Failed!

I was unable to meet the required QPI for the school year 2007-2008 mainly because of two reasons. First, I was constantly unable to concentrate and study properly in my room at Cervini Residence Hall. Two of my roommates and some other dormers would gather here and start smoking which is supposed to be a major offense but they somehow evade punishment. The security guards patrol along our corridor and can even notice the lingering smell of burnt cigar but they simply ignore these. A graver offense is the fact that my roommates also have marijuana sessions. Their hyperactive behavior brought by this drug only makes the ambience of the room worse. I have tried reporting these violations to our residence director anonymously. To some extent, my roommates and their company seemed to smoke less frequently inside our room. This however didn’t last long; my roommates were still able to snuck marijuana past security inspections. I have not tried to personally inform our residence director and divulge the smokers’/drug users’ names for my own safety and to avoid being suspected. My father does not want me to transfer to another housing facility since he only deems the on-campus residence halls to be the safest. And also due to my introverted nature, I find it hard to transfer to another room and even go to the study room. Adjusting to a new place will take me a considerable amount of time and may therefore affect my focus on academics.

Added to the inability to stay focused, the difficulty of the major subjects of my course didn’t help. Most of my subjects require mathematical background knowledge and many of the topics were not discussed in high school. With all the papers and tasks assigned by my teachers from other subjects, I had less time to study. The library has helped me study efficiently but it closes for the night and therefore I have to stay at the dorm where, as I have mentioned, my roommates smoke inside the room. These, along with homesickness and time mismanagement, are the reasons why I failed a number of my subjects. And to some degree, my performance in school was also affected by my sleep paralysis. This is best described as a state where my mind is fully conscious but I am unable to move my body. It is also usually accompanied by nightmares. This condition, which in my case happens right before I fall asleep, prevented me to get enough hours of rest because I kept on waking up breathing heavily and exhausted. I have not sought medical attention for this since these “attacks” have subsided recently.

I believe I should be given another chance to show that I am capable of performing well in my studies. As an on-campus resident upperclassman, I am required to transfer to the new university dormitory, which I will duly do because of the installed smoke detectors. It and the new atmosphere conducive to my total human formation will therefore help me to focus on my studies without any more setbacks. For this, I am hoping for the kind consideration of the Standards Committee to give me allowance to continue studying in Ateneo. Only in this establishment was I able to receive excellent quality education, to try and change my introverted trait, and to fully develop as a person for and with others through InTACT and NSTP.

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