Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How My Friend Appealed to Ateneo… and Succeeded!

While I failed to convince Ateneo to give me a second chance, my friend on the other hand got lucky. Well, that and he provided medical certificates and the right references.

I was unable to meet the QPI for the school year 2007-2008 because of several reasons. There were events that I did not expect to happen that made it difficult for me to do so. One reason would be the quarrel I have with my parents. My relationship with them was not very good when I left for college. Being away from home, our relationship grew quite cold, and we then decided to seek help. In order to solve this we sought help from the guidance office. I was recommended to see Dr. Washington Garcia regularly in order to consult with this matter. Our family also sought the help of a Psychiatrist, Cynthia Leynes. I was diagnosed to have depression and was prescribed anti-depressant pills.

Other than being troubled with my unstable relationship with my parents, there was something else that hindered my studies. In the middle of the first semester this school year, I incurred an ACL tear, which required an operation in order to heal. After the operation, I had difficulty in moving for a few days. Because of this, my routine tasks took a longer time to do. I was late for a few classes, but I was able to adjust. The injury also took up more of my time because of the therapy I had to take to get my leg back to normal. The therapy was not only tiring, but also depressing. It is depressing because I am unable to play sports, which I really like, and the day that I will be able too seems so far away.

Lastly, I blame my own short comings. I got addicted to vide games and took little time to study. I was not able to manage my time well in balancing between playing games and studying. I was unable to keep my mind from my problems with my family, distracting me from my studies. I was unable to adjust to my hindered movement after my surgery leading to missing parts of some lectures.

I humbly ask for a second chance to continue studying in Ateneo. I know I have taken my education here for granted by not performing well, but I sincerely wish to continue studying here. Having learned from these past mistakes, I believe I can do better in the future. Now that I have adjusted to the therapy schedule and I am no longer hindered as much by my injury, I will be able to manage my time better. Though I only realized it when it was too late last semester, having come to such a situation, I know now how much more I need to apply myself to my studies. I ask for your consideration to let me continue receiving quality education from this establishment.

Noticed how that appeal is better than mine? Well, anyway, this will be the last non-tech post for this blog.


  1. sorry to hear about that :( I hope things will get better for you!

  2. Yeah. My sister, who is an Atenean alumnae herself, said to me I can always come back to Ateneo for a master's degree instead.


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