Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ideas for Plants vs Zombies 2

While Plants Versus Zombies 2 might not be around the corner just yet, I'm wondering what the zombies are brewing to exact their revenge for the death of their ruler Dr. Edgar George Zomboss.

Homeowner seeks new haven (Left 4 Dead)

Sooner or later the homeowner (who you as a player assumes during the game) realizes his house and its plant is no longer up to the task of killing the zombies, which has inevitably outnumbered and overwhelmed them. After hearing word from other survivors, the homeowner explores the world for new species of plants usable against zombies. Perhaps a new home which grows the fruit of life?

How the gameplay works: Instead of protecting a house, the player is constantly on the move and carrying plants (as seeds being the most practical when mobile) with him to either stave off incoming zombies or those trailing after him. Each stage will then end when the player reaches a safe house.

Zombies need the love too (Land of the Dead)

Who'd think that zombies have feelings too? Even I admit this idea is bland for my taste. All insults put aside, just like with all the inequalities in the world, the zombies will gain their rights in the world, be given the right to live, get married with the living, then vote, then... Okay, I don't know where I'm going with this but I'm just gonna leave this thought here in this list. :)

Zombies: The Last Stand (World War Z)

With the human population decimated to near extinction, plant life has sprung back to huge proportions and are actually striking back and eradicating zombies from the planet.

How the gameplay works: This time it's the zombies who'll be defending their existence amidst the threat of the plants.

Obviously the ideas I've listed above are not exactly mine; rather they're 'inspired' from something else. Hey, PvZ designer George Fan derived the game from playing Warcraft III tower defense mods, from Magic the Gathering, and from his previous game Insaniquarium.

To be revised…

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