Sunday, December 19, 2010

I’m Expanding!

After much deliberation I have decided to spread out and create additional blogs. Guess how many blogs I am going to maintain. Eight blogs. Yep, that many! Each blog is catered to a particular niche, which helps increasing their own loyal readership and getting known to search engines. All my blogs are actually up and running, though you will see little to no posts as of this writing. Also, I will never claim expertise in any niche. I just blog in the hopes that I provide a substantial source of relevant information.

The Conan Hughes Network
  • Buzz Essentials. This blog covers blogging itself, including but not limited to income earned from blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), layouts, etc.
  • Entertainment Hogwash. I previously settled on the name Hollywood Hogwash which I heard on a Simpsons episode. However, Hollywood only refers to the movie industry in the US; I don’t want to limit myself to just that, hence the choice of a more general term.
  • All Things Coded. Besides blogging, I enjoy doing another activity during my spare time: programming.
  • Just Another Junk. This is where all my personal thoughts will be, instead of popping up in places where it should not be. Experiences and why my life sucks and/or kicks ass are found here.
  • Feigned Ignorance. Life is a continual search of knowledge and truth. Things I learned from school that I will like to share will be located on this blog. The term feigned ignorance originates from Socratic irony. It’s a method pretending that you do not know in order to expose the ignorance of others.
  • The Dead Watch. Zombies are one of the hot trendy topics these days. From novels and comics to TV series and video games, the Dead Watch will be your source of zombie news and information.
  • Conan Hughes. This old blog will be reduced to a how-to and guides blog, with main emphasis on tech and the Internet. I will also be changing the name once I update all the sites linking to it.
  • The Jejemon Hitlist. As an advocate on correct grammar and spelling, it’s nice to expose to people the guffs and blunders of admired celebrities and politicians. In my country, jejemon is a slang to reconstruct the English language and make it beyond understanding.
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