Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Possible Plants Versus Zombies 2 Screenshot


I stumbled upon a screenshot when I was looking for updates to the sequel of the casual yet very addictive video game Plants Versus Zombies. While the results of my efforts have been fruitless (I only found out 2 things: that PvZ game designer George Fan is busy developing a game with a new concept and that the sequel is unlikely to be released this year), I noticed that the background of the screenshot shows two familiar plants and a zombie in the PvZ game.

Plants Versus Zombies 2 ETA Within a Decade

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That's right. Fans of plants shooting peas against a horde of zombies won't be able to get a hand of the game's next iteration anytime soon. In a 2009 interview by Gamezebo, Plants vs Zombies game designer George Fan was interested in creating another game with "a whole new setting and a new concept."