Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where to Look for Ideas to Post in your Blog

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It's fun to blog. But even with all the cool layout design and gadgetries on their blogs, some people encounter this problem at some point: what to write about. Sure it's nice to talk about your dog or cat, but people are more interested on stuff that matters. You need to know where to get the inspiration needed to blog.

Ever Played a Chatroulette Game?

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The first time I heard of Chatroulette was in a South Park episode You Have 0 Friends. I wouldn't have believed such a video chat is actually real until I read this article. Video chat is already common these days, even back when it started on Yahoo! messenger then on Skype. But what makes Chatroulette different is that in a matter of seconds you can be hooked up to chat, no registration needed. The people you meet here are fellow "players" randomly selected from around the world. That's where the problem comes to the picture: nudity.

My Opinions Should Matter

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I frequent a forum and post replies to topics I'm interested. There was this one time however that I was rebutted with this statement:
Who is Conan Hughes,whoever he is, as compared to Former Senate President Jovito Salonga and Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr.?