Monday, May 10, 2010

Farmville, Café World Leaving Facebook

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Zynga, the creator of popular apps such as Mafia Wars, CafeWorld and Farmville, is threatening to leave Facebook once and for all. The relationship between the two companies is at an all time low caused by Facebook's extreme measures to control applications. Such measures include limitations on messaging users and imposing a credits system as the only payment form for apps to use. The credit system brings a heavy burden to companies like Zynga since it requires a massive 30% fee of all transactions.

FarmVille. Where have all the cows gone?

End of the Business World

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I'm not really familiar with corporate or business history but the cartoon below shows how many events in history have been linked to the end of the business world, which in fact is unlikely to happen anytime soon. While the economy suffers recession (and even depression), it always goes back to boons and growth.

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I got the cartoon from LeftyCartoons, a political cartoon blog by Barry Deutsch.

My Top 5 Annoying Orange Episodes

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"Hey, hey Apple! Don't be so fruity."

I finally figured out why my friend has been greeting me with "Wazzup!" lately; He got it from Annoying Orange, a comedy web series which began in October 2009 and now has become one of the most popular internet sensations. Whether it's the whimsical puns or the infectious laugh of titular character Orange, you won't look at fruits the same again.