Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Future of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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Just when I thought FMA Brotherhood is going to last far longer than the original anime, given that it surpassed the number of episodes, I learned the manga which it is based on is ending in June.
Alphonse and Edward Elric
A tweet by the director of the Brotherhood, Yasuhiro Irie, states:
It says that the final chapter of the manga was already delivered to the anime production and script development is under way. Further, there's only two months left. Sadly that means the anime will end as well. 

On one hand I'd like to see it end with a perfect finale. On the other hand I am wishing that this 'Amestris arc' is just part of a bigger story. There are other stories needed to be told: the country of Xing and Drachma, the future of Amestris without Father, among others. A 'filler arc-hater,' I can't believe that this time I am hoping the anime staff will write their own story as there are no manga counterparts to base it on anyway.

More Sources of Blog Post Ideas

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If you're still anxious why only few visitors have come to your blog so far, maybe you ought to think of putting more content. The problem however is coming up with a post that is fresh and interesting. Sure ideas flow easily in our heads but to transfer these to an actual blog post is hard. That said, it is therefore a must to know ways of realizing ideas such as those below:
Wohoo! I just thought
of a new post!

Immediately jot down what your mind has just thought of. Sometimes the best ideas to write about just come from ourselves. When that silent voice inside suggests something, do not hesitate to record the thought somewhere and expound on it while it's still fresh. 

Discover the web with StumbleUpon. When you stumble into a site using StumbleUpon, chances are the site is one you (and, more importantly, your readers) have never heard of. You can even filter which sites you'd like to check out by choosing categories which you are inclined to write about.

Find treasures in the deep web and show it to the world. When the surface is not enough, there's the deep web, a part of the world wide web that search engines have not indexed. In other words, Google or Yahoo! cannot help you get to these sites. There are however specialized search engines that digs up valuable online resources that may qualify as posts for your blog. 

Write on same topic but on a different view. Original ideas are hard to come by. That is why bloggers sometimes write about the same topic again but with additional information and perhaps on a new perspective. With adequate content, the derived post is per se a fresh post.

Talk to family and friends. Conversations are the relaxed and subtle equivalent of brainstorming. Take for example the medical drama series House, M.D., where the titular character discovers the correct diagnosis for his patients because of his best friend enabling him in the middle of their conversations. Eurekas can be found where they are not expected.

Create a series of blog posts. When a blog topic is too broad to be covered with just one post, divide it into short segments that can stand on their own. What would have been a single post is now multiple. Just make sure to provide linkages to each post, indicating they belong to a broad topic.

Make a journal on a current project. Many programmers create journals to talk about the progress of their application projects. Similary you can do the same on just about any project. Not only you'll have a post to publish, it's content is assuringly rich since you have first hand experience on such topic.

If you're still looking for more ideas, check out my other post or Dan Keller's post.