Friday, June 4, 2010

Can a needle prick infect you with HIV/AIDS?

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It may be "retro"
but it's still deadly, damn it.
There have a been a lot of ruckus here in Cebu City regarding the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV that causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). A friend in particular has been scratching his arm where he claimed to have been pricked with a needle from an HIV positive person at a night bar called Mangos. Whether this skin rash is caused by paranoia or is a symptom of AIDS can only be determined by a blood test. 

So can a needle prick really infect you with HIV/AIDS? Sadly, it can. A lot of people who use heroin becomes infected when they inject the illegal drugs to their veins with needles or syringes that are often shared with someone with HIV. This kind of contact with the virus is the primary cause of the infection in Europe.

Whether the news is true or not, it's simply best to stay away from places with complete strangers. And for the love of your own life, avoid irresponsible sex.

Read more about AIDS in Wikipedia.

Steve Job Sucks at Killing Flash

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Adobe Flash
Is Flash really past its golden age? The way Steve Jobs explained it during the D8 Conference made me support Flash even more. He has that kind of tone of desperation as if begging listeners to believe him. I am aware Flash will some day become dead as a dodo, replaced by the upcoming HTML5. But that's just not happening in the near future, really. 

For those who do not know, Flash is commonly found in just about any website you visit. You may not notice it, but it's actually helping you experience the web in a richer way. For instance, the video player below uses Flash technology.

HyperCard and Flash

Further in the interview he says HyperCard was even more popular than Flash. Heck I don't even know what that is, and even the host Walter Mossberg laughed at such claim. It was right for Apple to 'axe' HyperCard for it seemed like an abysmal attempt for a technology. As for Flash, I think it's a big mistake.

Flash is still in use

With the advent of HTML5, old Flash is waning. But the decision of Apple to completely devoid their recent products of Flash is immature, as the technology is still widely used. Jobs did mention his company has the tradition of transitioning from an old technology to the next but they just do it in an untimely manner.

As to why I want Flash remain in action is because I use it in programming and so far I've yet to see an example made in HTML5 that does a better job than Flash.

New Google customization: Use your own picture as background to Google homepage!

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Lately Google has been busy providing more customization options to its search for users to enjoy. The latest addition is no other than replace the classic white background of Google search with a picture of your own choice! 
Google's example page using photograph of Sandy Volz
As this feature is currently new, it will be only available to U.S. over the next few days. International users will have to wait a little longer.

One thought that came to me is what will happen on the occasion Google will use Doodle, a mimicry of its logo to commemorate the event of the present day. If you'll notice the Google logo becomes plain white when using your own background to perhaps blend properly with the image. If on color, chances are the logo won't blend too well with customized backgrounds.

UPDATE: There may be an option to change the layout fully and according to your taste as there are examples such as a very minimal Google homepage in this post.

Check out the official Google blog post and other people's customization posted on Twitter.

Despite All They Say, I Love Windows

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I just love Windows!
I don't give a damn to all naysayers of Windows; I love the operating system. When there are talks about the purported lack of security within the operating system, I always question whether those who get infected with viruses are practical people or just total newbies. Before Windows 7, I was an XP user. Back at that time I was hardly infected with any malware; I was not stupid enough to click on ads that are obviously luring people into softwares that are harmful.

As to why there are lots of security issues for Windows is because when it comes to hacking there are more money opportunities on the most popular OS. If the time comes that the Mac becomes the ubiquitous OS, I'm sure Apple will have their share of security problems, something which the software company isn't good at solving.

So why use the Windows when it's the usual target of hackers? Because it's where my games and applications are. It's the OS that I grew up with and loved. It's because I am a learned computer user. Frankly, all those problems found in Windows are merely and arguably caused by inexperience.

Yes, I am a PC.

UPDATE: Don't believe in rumors. Microsoft does take good care of its customers. Give them a chance. Read this article and see for yourself. :)

If There's A Movie That Made Me Cry

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... it would be the Bridge to Terabithia, based on a novel of the same name. A boy named Jess who used to be alone and seemingly less important among siblings was befriended by a girl, Leslie, and together they spent their time on a fantasy world they imagined. All was well until Leslie died. Saddened, Jess kept regretting his choice on that fateful day to be with his teacher who had a crush on. 

Just imagine being alone all these years and then someone came to answer your silent call for company. But suddenly, death, the eternal parting of ways, happens. 

This is the movie for those who value friendship the most.