Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Font is the Google Logo?

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To anyone curious to know what font does Google use on their logo, it is called Catull, an old-style Berthold font. The font currently costs $99.00 upwards if you want to buy it according to Wikipedia. With a little search on the Internet though you can easily download Catull for free (albeit unclear if illegal). 

It was not until August 1999 that Catull was used for the Google logo we see today. Before it and the doodles, there was a Garamond-ish font with an exclamation point at the end similar to Yahoo!. The color sequence in the letters was however already shown.

Google officially launched a new logo design on May 6, 2010 that still uses the Catull font. Its shading style is however different, along with a more subtle shadow.
Google through the years.

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You can also mimic the Google logo, colors included, using a free Google logo generator such as this. You simply type in a phrase and click Create, after which the tool will convert capital letters to small caps and randomly select a color for each letter. The resulting downloadable logo image is in GIF format.