Friday, June 18, 2010

Certified Text Twist Addict: 1 Million Points Achieved

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After three months of leisurely playing Text Twist Turbo on my cellphone, I finally reached a million points. Had I been playing nonstop, the time to get such score would have been shorter. Nonetheless I proclaim myself a certified Text Twist addict.

Text Twist Turbo, a mobile version of Text Twist, is a word puzzle game that displays 7 jumbled letters the player must 'twist' and form 3-to-7-letter words. Solving the seven-letter word lets player proceed to the next level.

For that million-point milestone, I was expecting some kind of award or achievement recognition since there are accomplishments such as Super Fast (solving a seven letter word within five seconds) and Basic Genius (solving a total of 1000 words in Basic puzzle). But for those also wanting to hit that score, you may be disappointed; nothing is there to be had. Even way before 250,000 points you can already gain all the awards.

So I had to ask myself what to do next. Well for one I still play the game when bored or to mentally tire myself to sleep. Further still, it won't hurt to try and reach a billion points.

Lessons To Learn From Blogging

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Blog with a smile on your face.
Anyone who has been blogging for more than a year is bound to learn a thing or two. Be it in terms of writing and blogging skills or regarding blog traffic and money opportunities, any lessons learned must be considered seriously for the future as a blogger.

Too Many Voices Deafen the Crowd

No matter how many possible viewers there might be in the Internet, the websites they're likely going to visit fall under these categories: popular, credible, professional. This is one such problem bloggers encounter right from the moment they set up a fresh blog; how can they be heard when too many voices have already stood out wise and strong? The search for unique content has become a challenge. Along with it is bringing in a sense of professionalism and credibility for every post published.

When Money Thoughts Hinder the Love of Blogging

Bloggers have to face it at some point: the blogosphere is over-saturated. There are hardly any money opportunities found huge enough to become main sources of income. The fact that many people start blogging with income in mind has caused them to back away some months after. Money is just as hard to earn from blogging as you would on any other jobs.

Blog for Fun Instead

What bloggers need to think is that to blog is to write for interest and fun. The love for blogging must come in first before anything else. Without the passion, blogging becomes just about any other job people are forced to land in for the sake of money. That is not the point of blogging.

Importance and Expression of a Blogger's Self

A fellow blogger has thought of being useful to society for such contribution as promoting Mental Health Awareness. No matter how little help it gives, a well-intended blogging can bring that sense of accomplishment to the blogger.

Learning for Life

Says Oscar Wilde, "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." Nonetheless, it also means life is constant learning. When blogging becomes part of that life, bloggers learn to improve their writing skills and become aware of what the world is interested in.