Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Overcoming Writer’s Block

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Have you lost the will to write? Have you forgotten what keeps you writing? It’s time to recover and turn that light bulb on on your head with strategies for overcoming writer’s block.

  • Time Management. If there is a time to work and to play, naturally there is a time for writing. Set a particular period of the day solely for writing. It forces our minds to focus and think on writing only during that period.
  • Relax/Meditate. Do not forget that the excess of one thing is harmful. Writing is not an exception. Pause after some writing and try to relax, meditate, and get some fresh air to rejuvenate your minds.
  • Lapse of A Day or Two. There are times when we are oblivious to our own composition regarding its grammar, content and everything else especially if we review it right after composing it. Giving ourselves a gap of a day or two not only helps us effectively criticize our own work but also to improve it as well.
  • Unusual Activities. If lack of new ideas is the problem, unusual activities will be useful for sparking creativity. Or tackle usual activities but in another perspective, therefore renewing it.
  • Brainstorm. When beginning to write, brainstorm. This is to obtain creative ideas impulsively that are related to each other.
  • Freewriting. Freewriting is like a casual form of brainstorming; writing down whatever comes to the mind, be it relevant or not. These scribbles might show something valuable for writing. Digging up lost ideas in our minds is also possible through freewriting.
  • Outlining. It would not hurt if there is some organization in your work. In writing, outlining comes in handy. It keeps you on track and with the flow of your work.
  • Scholastic/Educational Entertainment. Do activities that bring inspiration and not for mere fun. For instance, why watch wrestling matches when the topic to write about is documentaries. Unless it is specifically about wrestling, then feel free to watch these.
  • Self-esteem. Believe in one’s self. Disregard what other people say. Convince one’s self that they can do it. With a pen and a piece of paper, writing is possible.

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