Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

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Google Chrome is a very fast browser, no point arguing that. Its built for speed and minimal look however has left it lacking with much needed features. That’s actually a good thing for me since I can install only the extensions that I want.

Many of my extensions allows me to do many tasks without leaving Chrome. So without any more delay, here are my top 5 Google Chrome extensions:

RSS Subscription Extension

As a blogger, I need to keep up to date with my fellow bloggers. By subscribing to their feeds I can be notified of new posts without checking their blog everyday. This applies to news and online magazines too. With RSS Subscription installed, it automatically detects websites with feeds and lets me add a subscription to my favorite reader or feed aggregator.

Google Reader Notifier

My favorite feed aggregator is no other than Google Reader. Just like with the extension above, having the Google Reader extension lets me know if I have new unread items in my account and also provides a preview by clicking on its button.

SiteAdvisor for Chrome

One thing I miss most on Firefox is the SiteAdvisor extension. After a few years, its Chrome version has finally arrived, albeit unofficial. It will check whether the page I am currently browsing is safe or potentially hazardous. When it does find a dangerous site, it prevents me from proceeding to the page and instead redirects me to the SiteAdvisor website. There I can see the full details of the exploit site in question.

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on

I happen to visit my own blog frequently to check for comments, to publish new posts, or to just admire my accomplishment :) . This used to be quite troublesome since I am using Google Analytics for visitors statistics – by default it records my own visits and therefore botches the whole statistics report. Luckily I found Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on – created by people at Google themselves. When installed, all information about my visits to any websites tracked by Analytics will not be sent and recorded.

IE Tab

Even during these days there are still websites that are not fully compatible with all browsers, including Google Chrome. With IE Tab I can see those sites in their entirety without leaving Chrome and opening a separate Internet Explorer window.


Got a Google Chrome extension to recommend? Share it at the comments below!

Annoying Roommate

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Had a roommate with a pesky attitude? I did. It was unbearable enough that I had to report him. I could’ve confronted him head-on but he has an inflated opinion of himself. Also, I approach many things indirectly, passive-aggressively even. So I thought a letter of complaint against him is the most appropriate.

Rules mainly exist to uphold order and balance; hence not a single person must be an exception. Otherwise, any unwanted exceptions to the rule will eventually be the root of disharmony and misunderstanding. I write this letter to complain about the misconduct and disrespect that Mr. John Smith* of Room 3, St. Arnold’s Hall has done during his nine months of stay here at the dormitory. He has been repeatedly reprimanded by seniors and officers to conform to the rules and regulations of not just the dormitory but also of the whole university. Even so, he still shows self-importance and disregard for other dormers.

I believe it was already on record that Mr. Smith has already been given a second chance for his misdemeanor during the first semester. That was probably why at the start of the second semester, he seemed to have humbled himself and regarded the interest of fellow dormers. In time, he has however forgotten to remain in such behavior and went back to be the same old, backstabbing, ill-mannered person. His insolence starts from subtle impoliteness such as raucous singing and playing loud music and games when even someone is studying or sleeping. He was also seen trespassing inside St. Mary’s Hall which is supposedly for female residents only. In addition, he also has major violations that should be dealt with accordingly: He had a dispute with the security personnel in regard to his continued non-use of school uniform and manner of appearance (use of distinctly colored hair dye and unacceptable long hair).

His offenses do not only cover school regulations; his relationship among many fellow dormers is hollow at best. Due to his habit of backstabbing and gossiping false information, he already had a disturbing number of quarrels with fellow dormers. His failure to trust even his roommates is one of my reasons of writing this letter. He habitually belittles officers of our dorm organization, his laundrywoman, the security guards, among others, and continually reasons that the wealth of his family places him on top of others.

It is understandable that Mr. Smith has the right of residence in the dormitories and was admitted for being deemed of good character. On the other hand, whatever first impressions he made will not remain applicable as days pass. His true personality eventually revealed itself and proves how his character is actually unfit for residence with fellow students, unless he decides to adjust for the sake of the dorm spirit. Even then, adjustment is difficult for a person who is arrogant on what he believes, in addition to selfish and repugnant.

It is therefore in my opinion that the eviction of Mr. Smith is appropriate if possible. Alternately he can be transferred to another room. Perhaps being in the same room with a childhood friend, Mr. Eric Forster* of Room 4, and with new roommates might lessen his undesirable manners for the rest of the semester. These courses of action are merely suggestions and I can only wait for those in position to convict Mr. Smith. I am merely a freshman member of the dormitory who has provided my own point of view regarding this matter. But I am however longing for an effective resolution that will benefit both the accused and me in behalf of other complainants. I acknowledge that the assessment for this complaint cannot be completed within a short duration; therefore I am willing to wait for as much as needed. If it speeds up the process, the male dormers, especially his roommates, and even the female residents of St. Mary and St. Joseph Halls can vouch for the credibility and truth of this letter.

I have been constantly patient and tried to put myself in his place to better understand him. But these nine months of stay at the same room with him made me conclude to report his case to the people in authority. I may not be a very active dorm member but I have at least tried my best to keep a wholesome and harmonious relationship with other dormers by, for example, helping people in their academics.

I plan to continue staying at the dorm and making sure that rules are implemented; therefore I only wish that that Mr. John Smith had done the same, or it would not have come to this. All in all, I submit this letter of complaint for the sake of what is right. I am very much hoping for your kind consideration regarding this case. Thank you very much.

* Names have been changed to protect their privacy and identity.