Monday, November 29, 2010

University of San Carlos Intramurals Opening

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Every year the University of San Carlos hosts a week long event including sports, cheer dance, and pop jazz competition for the staff and students to enjoy. Being a Carolinian, I witnessed the whole event. With much gusto, I spectated and recorded the opening of the intramurals.

The opening event started some minutes after eight in the morning on the 24th of August 2010. Beforehand, an orchestra at the gym stage entertained the near-full stadium with goofy music. Moments later an announcer informed the start of the opening ceremony of the Intramurals. Performers known as USC Dancers flocked to the center court and did a number with a combination of dancing and illustrations of various sports expected to be among the event competitions. Soon came the entrance of the colors by the high school boy scouts as well as their drum and lyres corps marching behind. The different colleges of the university were then introduced, each being led by their representatives for the Mr. and Mrs. Intramurals. John Hammond, labeled as a Filipino-American heartthrob, lavished the audience with a relevant song Go the Distance.

John Hammond sings I Believe. (Sorry I couldn’t find his Go the Distance performance.)

The event then paid tribute to the school, the nation, and the Almighty by holding a prayer and singing the national anthem and school hymn. The school president was then acknowledged and gave an inspiring speech about transcending of stories from the usual classroom boundaries to the courts and playing field. The flags of the colleges were then raised and the participants of the sport events were then requested to take an oath, of sportsmanship among others. With that said, the University of San Carlos Intramurals became officially open. Judges for the Mr. and Mrs. Intramurals were then introduced. Consequently after intermission, the pairs from the colleges showed up once again, emitted vigor, and posed with much poise to please the judges.  The much-expected main course for the morning activity, the cheer dance competition, finally began. Each college showcased a group of performers, adorned with different themes, to wow both the audience and judges with acrobatic feats patterned in dancing and style.

USC College of Commerce Cheerdance Group

After another intermission, the awarding of the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals took place, with my home college, the College of Engineering, garnering 1st place for Mr. and 1st runner up for Ms. A ceremonial ball toss by the university president transpired with success after three misses on the ring. And finally, the key moment the audience was looking forward to, the announcing of the winners for the cheerdance competition happened. Now for seven years running, the College of Commerce has still defended its crown as the cheerdance champion.

In my most impartial opinion, the event was generally a success. It was however far from perfection. Embarrassing mistakes as though the event was ill-prepared were found all throughout the event. For instance, some dancers missed their marks on their performance. There were some temporary problems with the sound system that only left one speaker working at some point. Coincidentally, a pair of tango dancers had to perform without music, with lackluster results. The ambience of the setting did not help either, as the audience had to endure the heat and the tight spots they were seated. Even the announcement of the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals didn’t go without flaws. A 2nd runner up for the Mr. Intramurals have been called and awarded a sash but only to be dethroned immediately and return to other contestants. Fortunately he went back to be among the winners as he was actually the 1st runner up. While annoying, these blunders were not with long lasting repercussions. The audience didn’t even mind the mix up and was still enjoying as ever, even if they actually jeered for the errors.

As mentioned before, the event was generally a success. The latest addition to the program, the Mr. Intramurals, was met with positive reception. What would have been more entertaining are other segments for the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals, even if they have to take place on other parts of the intramurals. The catwalk segment where the contestants walk and pose, though satisfying in itself, was meant only for teasing. Nonetheless, the event livened up to how opening programs should make audience expect a good time during the intramurals.

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