Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jump Breaks for Feeds–New Blogger Feature

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Google has an early holiday present for us in Blogger: Jump Breaks for Feeds!  Now we can fully manage up to what content our loyal readers can read when they subscribe to our feeds. And it’s not just plain text, HTML and images are also enabled for additional customization.

CMF Ads Spikes – Do they work?

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From the start of my CMF Ads membership I was hesitant to pay for their ad services. After all, I registered as a publisher; ergo to earn cash online. Anyway, one of these services is called Spikes, which for a few cents guarantees a number of unique visitors. That’s unique visits and not just any returning page views.

It was not until I accidentally clicked on Buy Spikes did I discover if Spikes worked at all. Well, it did. I think it did. And I have some proof to say so.