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Double or Triple Load for Smart, Globe, Sun

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This trick, that is doubling or even tripling the amount of load or balance you get from a prepaid call card, is old. Yet it certainly still is one of the exploits people stumble upon on the web when searching for means to fool the network giants: Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, and Sun Cellular. They’re rich and won’t mind that you ‘stole’ an amount that, for them, is negligible, right?

Indeed, many people are trying to cheat off the system and have extra free load. Exploiters may call it whatever they want or come up with a variety of excuses, but it is nonetheless illegal.

Guess what? I’m going to show you the trick anyway. As far as I can tell, the exploit doesn’t work any longer; I even tried it a number of times. It seems our local cellphone networks patched the hole effectively and I think I know how it was done.

I know some people just don’t believe what others may say. That is why, you can use the steps below to double or triple your load. All you need to perform the trick is a prepaid card (of any amount) and a phone with conference call feature.

globe telecom

Globe Double or Triple Load

  1. Dial 223 and hold the call.
  2. Repeat step 1 according to how many times you want to multiply your prepaid card’s balance.
  3. Put all calls on hold to conference.
  4. Enter the card number then press the pound key or number sign (#).
  5. Enter the PIN then press the pound key or number sign (#).
  6. A voice confirmation will inform if reloading is successful. A subsequent text indicating your current balance will follow.

sun cellular

Sun Double or Triple Load

  1. Dial 220 and hold the call.
  2. Repeat step 1 according to how many times you want to multiply your prepaid card’s balance.
  3. Put all calls on hold to conference.
  4. Press 1.
  5. Enter the card number followed by the number sign (#).
  6. Enter the PIN followed by the number sign (#).

smart telecom

Smart Double or Triple Load

If you have noticed, Globe and Sun basically make use of conference call to the networks’ prepaid loading dialing numbers. This makes doubling or tripling the load balance for Smart not possible since to load a Smart Prepaid Card, you must dial 1510 plus the 14-digit PIN (ex. 151012345678901234) and hit Send. It’s not like Sun or Globe that lets you dial their prepaid reloading numbers before requiring you to enter the card number and PIN.

Tips for the Trick

Although it never worked for me, you might be lucky. Who knows?

Anyway, here are some tips to increase the chances of increasing your load.

  • The people who allegedly have been successful in multiplying their balance recommends that the process must be performed during periods of the day when the network is not congested. Some say the best period is from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. while others suggest off-peak hours (1 a.m. to 7 a.m.).
  • There must be a strong  network signal in your current location.
  • The trick must be done fast: quick typing and dialing.

Possible Fix by Networks

I don’t know why it won’t work for me. But one good guess is that the networks found the error and applied a fix.

I actually thought of one simple way to disable this loading hack: When the user inputs the card number, a flag must be triggered in the network’s server so that if the same card number is entered again, that would signal the server to no longer continue the loading process. That is why when I tried the trick on Globe, only one of the calls succeeds in reloading.

Not Satisfied?

I don’t want to end this post without admitting that there are a number of other exploits out there, some of which I’ve yet to test out myself. There’s no stopping hackers to find exploits in the system and abuse it. However, I guarantee that sooner or later the cellular networks will find the errors and patch them up.

If you actually find a new exploit from online forums and elsewhere, or better yet discovered one yourself, it's better if you actually not spread it. Technically, it’s because it is against the law. Practically though, a popular exploit is the one that’s easily found and provided with a fix.

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