Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bidding the Right Amount at oDesk

odeskFor my yet another tip on working at oDesk, I am going to talk about bidding. First off, this is about the fixed-rate job postings. After four months as a member, I’ve never been a contractor under a hourly-pay contract. That’s because I seldom applied for such type of payment, and I prefer the fixed one.

When you browse for jobs at oDesk, one of the first things you see at any job posting is the employer’s budget. Naturally it is part of what attracts you to apply. Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding job bidding.

  • Take note of how much the employer is willing to pay for the job. Don’t bid that is too much or too less.
  • Also check the average bid. You will want to be around the average or less as long as it is still reasonable for the type of work applied.
  • Don’t be desperate! Do not bid so low that you’re earning less than you deserve. You’d be wasting your time.
  • Asking for an upfront payment is not helping at most times. Only when you are credible enough and are a longtime oDesk contractor should you consider upfront payment.
  • Settle with an amount that helps keep you focused on the job and not looking for another.
  • At times the posted budget by the employer may include the oDesk fee. Every time you bid, you must mention in the sample letter whether the amount is inclusive or exclusive of oDesk fee.
  • Don’t bother bidding on job posting with unreasonably low budget. If you insist, post a higher amount that you think is adequate.
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