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Parts of an oDesk Cover Letter

As you can see in the sample cover letter for oDesk that I previously posted, applying for an oDesk job posting must be straight to the point with exactly the right content the employer is asking for.

When you are about to apply for a job, remember these five golden pieces that you need to include in the letter.


oDesk Cover Letter Components



Employers are attracted to a committed contractor. They want to be assured that you are looking for a long-term position and that you remain competitive and diligent with whatever task is assigned to you.

Even if the employer is only arranging a short-term work for you, the work at hand must still be done swiftly and in good quality.

Naturally, you must also live up to your promise. You should not give up in the middle of projects. Similarly, you must also think twice if you can really finish the project within the specified time limit before applying.

Remember that at the end of each project, both you and your employer are given the chance to give feedback on each other’s performance. You do not want to have a low rating since other future employers can see this in your profile. Therefore, satisfying your current boss increases the likelihood of a sustained high rating.


Bid Offer

Although the employer can see the bid amount in your application, you are encouraged to mention your offer in the cover letter. There are a number of reasons why this is so:

  • The employer did not clarify if the budget is for the whole project or for certain milestones, hence it is up to you to do so.
  • Personally, I find the budget attached to each job posting as my salary and exclusive of oDesk fee. So as not to confuse the employer, I always explicitly state whether the bid I made is inclusive or exclusive of the ten percent oDesk charge.
  • If you are bidding too high, you will want to justify the bid in your letter.



In order to build your credibility as an able contractor for a specific job, you will need to describe your previous obligations and provide samples of your work. Enumerating your skills is also a big plus. With those in mind, you will then provide an optimal estimate of completion of the current project.

For example, as an article writer I always guarantee the employer of my adherence to SEO rules and copyright laws and therefore avoidance of infringements to the best of my ability. I also assure them that my writing are checked for originality by using a specialized software. Lastly, I will then provide a number of sample articles.

Put in mind that the past employment and skills you mention must be relevant to the job.



You should know that you are on the employee side of the contract and therefore must be subservient to the requests of your boss. Between you and your boss’s written communication, you will need to address your employers with proper greetings in both heading (ex. “Dear Hiring Manager”) and complimentary close (ex. “Sincerely yours”). Simply put, it is a sign of respect.



Some employers will ask for certain details as qualifications for the job.

For example, some of them will require you to include a certain phrase at the very beginning of your letter to signify that you have carefully read their job postings.

Another example is to prove that you are a native citizen of a particular country. Some employers prefer a particular nationality, gender, and more. One way of proving your nationality is to state a certain phrase in English, followed by its equivalent phrase in your national language.

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