Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sample Cover Letter for oDesk Applications

Do you have trouble applying for a job at oDesk? Are employers steering clear of your application? Perhaps you need to refine the cover letter that you submit to them.

While not perfect, the cover letter below is what I’ve been using and modifying to fit the job requirements. So far, it helps me proceed to receiving an interview.

Once you’ve read my cover letter below, it is best not to merely copy and use it for yourself. Improvise and learn a few tips!


Sample Cover Letter



I want to apply for this job. I guarantee you that I can efficiently write articles of at least 250 words in length, good quality, and unique content. I can write 4 articles on a daily basis and submit them on time.

I understand that problems regarding SEO and copyright infringement may arise from articles with duplicate content. I will never copy content verbatim from any website. I also check the uniqueness of my articles' contents using a software.
Attached herewith is a text file containing three sample articles as proof of my quality work.

If you grant me the opportunity to work this job, rest assured I can work with minimal or no supervision, meet deadlines, and understand directions in one go.

I am also comfortable with $33.00 for the 26 articles, inclusive of oDesk fee. I have bid for an ongoing period since I want to continue working for you if you are satisfied with my performance.


Conan Hughes


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