Friday, August 26, 2011

Bane of Bolas – Magic 2012

You won’t be able to play the challenge Bane of Bolas in Magic: the Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012’s campaign game until you defeat Chandra Nalaar. This puzzle happens to be the easiest to solve among the medium difficulty challenges, despite being the third to be unlocked among them.

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Game objective:

Nicol Bolas has 10 life while you have 5. Using the cards available to you, find a way to outsmart Nicol Bolas and defeat him.

How to solve:

Despite the number of cards in your hand, you will only need a select few. To begin, cast instant spell Aether Tradewinds to return your Thunder Dragon and the opponent’s Blood Tyrant creatures.


During combat phase, attack with Spellbound Dragon and choose the returned Thunder Dragon to boost the former’s power to 10, the amount of which is equal to Nicol Bola’s life.


How to solve (#2):

To begin, cast instant spell Aether Tradewinds to return any of your land card in the battlefield and the opponent’s Blood Tyrant creature.

During combat phase, attack with both Spellbound Dragon and Thunder Dragon and choose any of the following cards to discard:

  • Chain Reaction instant spell
  • Plasma elemental

How to solve (#3):

Yet another way to defeat Nicol Bolas is to make use of his own creature’s ability. First, summon Plasma Elemental into the battlefield.

When the Electropotence spell is activated, choose Players, then Nicol Bolas, then Yes to pay for the conditional cost.


During combat phase, attack using  both flying Dragons and discard any of the two non-land cards in your hand. Nicol will expectedly block the Spellbound Dragon because of its higher attack power, leaving Thunder Dragon to drain Nicol’s life to 1.

During Nicol’s turn, you will win because of Blood Tyrant’s ability activated upon upkeep.


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