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Death Blooms – Magic 2012

To be able to play the easy 1-on-1 challenge Death Blooms in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, you will need to defeat Tezzeret first. Regenerate and Protection are the central concepts during this puzzle.

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Death Blooms

Game objective:

Nissa has 2 life and you have 4. Weather Nissa’s onslaught before defeating her.

How to solve:

Nissa plays first and attacks with two creatures: Gaea’s Revenge and Mortivore, an 8/5 elemental creature and a 10/10 lhurgoyf (MTG’s large reptilian) creature, respectively.

Block the Revenge with your Zombie Outlander, a zombie scout creature with protection from green.

Protection – While on the battlefield, something with protection from a specific color can’t be the target of spells or abilities from cards of that color. However, spells and abilities of that color that don’t use the word “target” will be able to affect a creature with protection.

Anything with protection from a color can’t be damaged by cards of that color. Similarly, creatures of a specific color can’t block an attacking creature with protection from that color.

Also block Mortivore with Cudgel Troll, a troll (obviously) creature which has Regenerate.

Regenerate – To prevent a creature from being destroyed. A regeneration effect works like a shield. If a creature would be destroyed and it has a regeneration shield, it’s not destroyed. Instead, the creature becomes tapped, it’s removed from combat (if it’s attacking or blocking), and all damage is removed from it. That regeneration shield is then used up. The creature never leaves the battlefield, so any Auras, Equipment, or counters that were on it remain there. Any unused regeneration shields go away during the cleanup step.

The damage dealt to the Outlander is nullified since it has protection from green and the attacker is green. On the other hand, before Mortivore deals damage to the troll, activate the latter’s Regenerate ability so it can survive the former’s onslaught.

Death Blooms

During your turn, attack using Zombie Outlander. It’s combat power is equal to Nissa’s current life, ending the game. Nissa can’t stop the attack since her two recently summoned creatures are green, again a color the Outlander is protected from.
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