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Desperate Measures – Magic 2012

You will have to defeat Sorin Markov first before you can play Desperate Measures, a medium 1-on-1 challenge in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012.

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Game objective:

Sorin has 5 life while you have 3. With your own units now a threat, hatch a plan to defeat Sorin.

How to solve:

The game begins with Sorin having already placed two “cursed” aura Relic Banes to your Sundering Titan creature.

Desperate Measures

You will need to get rid of these two to avoid damage during your turn and consequently losing the game. To do so, activate the artifact Quicksilver Amulet ability to put Duplicant into the battlefield.

Desperate Measures

Through Duplicant, exile Sundering Titan. Because of the Titan’s exile, destroy any land of each color present in the battlefield.

During your own turn, activate the Quicksilver Amulet again to summon Precursor Golem. His first ability causes two additional golems to appear. Cast instant spell Fleeting Distraction to any golem in the battlefield. Because of the Precursor Golem, the Distraction will be casted to all Golems and will let you draw four cards.

Desperate Measures

Be careful not to cast Distraction as a counter to the Precursor Golem since this will only let you draw two cards.

Put the Island and Mox Sapphire into play to increase your mana. Then, cast sorcery spell Show and Tell to put artifact Icy Manipulator into play.

Using the Amulet and Show and Tell is important during your turn because they will save you much needed mana to complete this puzzle.

Activate the Icy Manipulator ability to tap Sorin’s creature Akroma, Angel of Wrath. This leaves Sorin defenseless when you attack him with your Steel Hellkite during combat phase.

Desperate Measures

The damage brings down Sorin’s life to 0, but he will still survive because of his artifact Lich’s Tomb. To win the game, activate Steel Hellkite’s second ability and spend/tap 4 mana/lands.

Only activate the dragon’s ability once it has already dealt damage to Sorin.

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