Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lust for Blood – Magic 2012

The last easy 1-on-1 challenge in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, Lust for Blood can only be played after defeating Kiora Atua in the campaign. Deathtouch is introduced in this puzzle. 

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Game objective:

Garruk has only 1 life while you have 8. Stymie Garruk’s attack before finishing him off.

How to solve:

The challenge begins with Garruk attacking you with his Terra Stomper, an 8/8 beast creature with Trample. Block Stomper with your Vampire Nighthawk, a 4/3 vampire shaman that has been modified in this challenge to have multiple abilities, the more important of which include Trample, Deathtouch, and First Strike.

Deathtouch – Creatures dealt damage by something with deathtouch are destroyed.

Even with the Stomper’s greater combat power able to overcome your Nighthawk’s toughness, your creature has first strike. This allows it to damage Stomper first. Couple that preemptive attack with deathtouch, Stomper dies without dealing any damage.

Lust for Blood

During your own turn, attack using Nighthawk to end the game. Your creature will be blocked by Garruk’s remaining creatures, three Giant Spiders. Nighthawk’s combat power of 4 will be distributed to each Spider as well as Garruk.

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