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Master of Illusions – Magic 2012

One of the first two challenges on medium difficulty that you’ll encounter in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, Master of Illusions requires some familiarity with Jace Beleren’s deck known as Realm of Illusion. Its cards can be a bit tricky and unpredictable.

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Master of Illusions

Game objective:

Jace has 5 life while you only have 1. Manipulate the situation to defeat Jace.

How to solve:

You will have the first turn during this puzzle. In no particular order, do the following:

  • Put the Island in the battlefield.
  • Cast sorcery card Time Warp to yourself, allowing you to take an extra turn after the one you’re currently in.
  • Cast instant spell Into the Roil (no kicker) to Krovikan Mist, an illusion creature currently controlled by Jace using aura enchantment Mind Control. Once it returns to your hand, summon the Mist back to the battlefield.
  • Cast sorcery spell Preordain. You will be forced to move a Mahamoti Djinn and a Wall of Air to the bottom your library. (This is fine and scripted.)  A Summoner’s Bane card will be drawn to your hand.

You will have another turn because of Time Warp. During this turn, do the following (again in no particular order) during the main phase:

  • Put another Island in the battlefield.
  • Summon all three Phantasmal Bears.
  • Summon spirit creature Dreamborn Muse, but counter it with your instant spell Summoner’s Bane. Doing the latter will summon an illusion creature.


Attack Jace with your Krovikan Mist. This creature’s combat power and toughness depends on the number of illusions present in the battlefield (no matter who controls them). Including the Mist itself, along with the Bears and the Bane-produced creature, there are 5 illusions and hence giving the Mist 5/5, enough power to drop Jace’s life to 0.

Do not attack using the land illusions as this will decrease the combat power of the Mist.

How to solve (#2):

There is a second way to solve this challenge, although still similar to the steps above. During your first turn, do the following in no particular order:

  • Put the Island card in the battlefield.
  • Summon two Phantasmal Bears.
  • Cast sorcery spell Preordain. The same cards above will have to be moved to the bottom of your library. A Summoner’s Bane will still be summoned. Scripted, like I said.
  • Cast instant spell Into the Roil (no kicker) to Mind Control (not the Mist this time). It is located behind the Mist so make sure you highlight it before clicking. With the Mind Control back in Jace’s hand, you gain back control of your Krovikan Mist. It will have summoning sickness so you can’t attack with it during this turn.

Master of Illusions

  • Cast sorcery card Time Warp to yourself for an extra turn.

During the next turn’s main phase, do the following in no particular order:

  • Summon the last remaining Phantasmal Bear in your hand.
  • Summon spirit creature Dreamborn Muse, but counter it with your instant spell Summoner’s Bane in order to summon an illusion creature.

If you’re wondering why you have more than 7 cards but you’re not forced to discard during cleanup phase, it is because of the artifact Spellbook.


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          1. The game won't let me counter Dreamland Muse with my Summoner's Bane. What's up with that?? I still lose.

            1. I don't have this game on my computer anymore. Maybe this will help:

              The comments in that video also mentioned that the challenges are tweaked for each gaming platform. My guide above works on PCs; I tried it myself.


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