Saturday, August 27, 2011

Master your Destiny – Magic 2012

Despite being labeled as a hard challenge, I’m proud to say I was able to solve Master your Destiny within 20 minutes. If you have played the challenge Desperate Measures before, you can already play this one too as both puzzles are unlocked after defeating Sorin Markov in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 campaign.

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Game objective:

Jace has 3 life while you have 4. Your first move should be to cast Index, so you can better orchestrate Jace’s demise.

How to solve:

Just like what the objective says, the first thing to do is to cast sorcery spell Index. Or you can play the Island card first. From the five cards at the top of the library,

  • click Tranquility and Erratic Explosion first (in any order) to place them at the bottom of the other three cards.
  • click the remaining three cards in the following order: 1) creature Bogardan Hellkite, 2) Island card, 3) creature Coiling Oracle.

The last to be clicked is placed at the topmost of your library.

Summon creature Bloodbraid Elf into the battlefield. Its Cascade ability will summon the Oracle from your library into play. Subsequently, the Oracle will also put the Island card preceding it in the library into play.

Master your Destiny

You have enough remaining mana to activate your creature Djinn of Wishes’ ability. Next in line to be summoned is the creature Bogardan Hellkite.

Upon entering the battlefield, Hellkite gives you 5 damage that you can distribute. You can’t direct all this to Jace because of his hexproof enchantment from Leyline of Sanctity. Instead, target Jace’s Illusionary Servant once and Air Elemental four times.

Master your Destiny

The damage kills Elemental and sacrifices the Servant. You can now attack Jace with your Bloodbraid Elf, which has Haste and can’t be blocked by the Cloud Elemental. You win the game.

Cloud Elemental can block only creatures with flying.

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