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Plots within Plots – Magic 2012

The last of all campaign challenges (excluding those in Archenemy) I solved and written about, Plots within Plots can be played after defeating Nissa Revane in Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 game. I’m disappointed that this challenge is hard not because it requires a lot of thinking but instead takes a lot of trial and error. It turns out the Storm ability of sorcery spell Grapeshot is key here.

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Game objective:

Karn has 12 life while you have 6. Using the cards available to you, craft Karn’s defeat.

How to solve:

The game begins with your turn first. You have in your hand a Dragon Whelp and Sword of Vengeance, a seemingly perfect combo to bring down Karn’s life to 0. The mana consumption however proves to be a problem.

Hence, the correct solution is to cast instant spell Gifts Ungiven.

Plots within Plots

Among the unique cards you have in your library, choose the following:

  • Instant spell Gift Ungiven
  • Sorcery spell Grapeshot
  • Sorcery spell Blaze
  • Sorcery spell Dragonstorm

The last two cards will be chosen by Karn to be put into your graveyard. Logically, he is threatened by these two cards since they will give you an immediate chance of winning the game.

Cast the second Gift Ungiven and choose the following:

  • Instant spell Intuition
  • Sorcery spell Grapeshot
  • Sorcery spell Dragonstorm
  • Elemental creature Ball Lightning

Once again, the last two cards are the most dangerous in the eyes of Karn and he will expectedly choose them to be put into your graveyard.

Instead of selecting only unique cards, cast Intuition and select all three instant spell Flame Bursts in your library.

Plots within Plots

Now comes the part where we finally damage Karn. Cast the only Flame Burst in your hand and choose Karn as target. The damage done will be 4.

Flame Burst deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is 2 plus the number of cards named Flame Burst in all graveyards.

Remember, there were two cards disposed from Intuition we casted earlier.

Cast Grapeshot. Because of this sorcery spell’s Storm ability, it will copied 4 times and therefore deal a total of 5 damage. Be sure you selected Karn to receive all the damage.

Storm – When a spell with storm is cast, it is copied for each spell cast before it this turn. Its controller may choose new targets for the copies.

Karn will still survive the onslaught. Finish him by casting the last Grapeshot. Target him at least three times.

Plots within Plots

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  1. I used your site to help me beat all the challanges. Great job and thanks for the help.


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