Saturday, August 27, 2011

Request to Allow AirCon Installation

I just recently wrote a letter asking for permission to allow air conditioning units in our dormitory, where it can be very hot especially during summers. I think it came off as a bit rude… What do you think?

Dear Mr. Concerned*,

People say college life is, suffice to say, an important aspect of a student. As an in-campus dormer, I can certainly vouch for that remark. While my sister and her fellow female dormers will soon find a new haven at the newly constructed dormitory building, the majority of us male dormers feel somewhat left behind. We may not be able to get a taste of a new home but we would at least like to make our current stay a better experience. As such, this letter acts as a proposal to allow male dormers to install air conditioning units.

I believe the new dorm buildings have been designed to accommodate air conditioners. Hence, we would also like to have the old dorm complex be modified as well. I am aware that not everyone can afford or perhaps simply prefer to not have air conditioners in their rooms; therefore modification shall only be made upon request by interested male dormers.

On a similar note, we also want to know the rates for air conditioning units and air coolers, the latter appliance being the middle ground option between the former and electric fans. I also took the liberty to run a petition among the current male residents. Over 60 have signed, indicating a major interest among us.

If there are problems that prevent installation of aircon units at the old dormitories, we appreciate any form of enlightenment. Otherwise, we are hoping for your kind consideration.

Looking forward to a kind reply through our dorm supervisor, I am

Sincerely yours,

Conan Hughes

*The name has been changed to protect this person’s identity.

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