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The Tangled Vale – Magic 2012

One of the last challenges on medium difficulty, the Tangled Vale involves wiping off a throng of enemy creatures and couple of spells. You will need to defeat Nissa Revane during the Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 campaign game first though, before you can encounter her again in this puzzle.

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Game objective:

Nissa has 22 life while you have only 7. In spite of Nissa’s massive Elvish force, you must weave a plot to defeat her.

How to solve:

You play first, the only turn during this challenge. Start by casting sorcery spell Sign in Blood and target Nissa Revane. This adds two cards into her hand, now a total of 9. To capitalize on this, cast instant spell Sudden Impact on Nissa.

The Tangled Vale

Make sure you don’t cast Sudden Impact as a counter to Sign in Blood, since it can’t benefit from 9 cards in Nissa’s hand but just 7.

The third step is to cast sorcery spell Sickening Dream and discard all other remaining cards in your hand. This will damage everyone, creatures and players alike, by 3. All creatures but Nissa’s golem Darksteel Colossus will die. Your life becomes 4, while Nissa 8.

Resurrect your four Bloodghast creatures from the graveyard by activating land card Terramorphic Expanse and putting a swamp/black land card.

The Tangled Vale

With Nissa having no creatures to block for her and her current life causing the vampire spirit creatures to have haste, attack with all your Bloodghasts. The game ends with you as victor.

The Tangled Vale

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